Italy QUITS Sugar? One girl against the world

For those of you looking for some inspiration to quit the sugar addiction you may or not have... You are going to love this interview with a gal on a mission to get not only herself and those around her weaned off the hard stuff but ALL of Italy 🙂 Hello, and thank you for … Continue reading Italy QUITS Sugar? One girl against the world

Tuesday Burn with Bernadette

Single dumbbell Glute toning By Bernadette Moore This week, we will be focusing some more on glute strengthening and toning once again (in fact, we will be for the next couple weeks as well). Every four weeks, the focus point of the workout series will change. So, get ready to start planning at least one … Continue reading Tuesday Burn with Bernadette

Grateful for Kim

OK so I am NOWHERE close to perfect but I DO live a life where I practice what I preach- for the most part. SO of COURSE when I decided to really go gung-ho into this whole blog thing and to follow my entrepreneur heart at last. I HAD TO GET MY HEALTH IN CHECK or I … Continue reading Grateful for Kim

Core & Glute Mini Sesh

  Well rounded glutes are all the rage on social media these days. I get it. I do. I’m not sure if many women know this but there are also a lot of additional benefits that come from having strong glutes. Yep, working your glutes isn’t just helping out those aesthetic goals. The benefits that … Continue reading Core & Glute Mini Sesh